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GATE 2022 (Organizing Institute - IIT Kharagpur)

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science for admission into the Masters Program and Job in Public Sector Companies. GATE is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technologies at Roorkee, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai (Madras) and Mumbai (Bombay) on behalf of the National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India.

Content of the Page
What is GATE
Why GATE is Important
Pattern of GATE Exam
Syllabus of GATE Exam
GATE Cut-off Marks
How to Prepare For GATE Exam
Designs of Questions
Subject wise Analysis
Result and Test Score
What is Gate

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an All-India examination administered and conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee comprising of Faculty members from IISc, Bangalore and other seven IIT’s on behalf of the National Coordinating Board, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development. The GATE score/rank is used for admissions to Post Graduate Programmes (ME, M.Tech, MS, direct PhD) in institutes like IIT and IISc etc with financial assistance offered by MHRD. PSUs too use the GATE scores for recruiting candidates for various prestigious jobs with attractive remuneration. GATE is also recognized by various institutes outside India, such as Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

In GATE examination, candidates can apply for only one of the 29 papers listed in the table given below. Candidates are expected to appear in a paper appropriate to the discipline of their qualifying degree. However, candidates are free to choose any paper according to their admission plan, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which they wish to seek admission. For more details regarding the admission criteria in any particular institute, candidates are advised to refer to the websites of that particular institute.

Why Gate is Important

GATE is considered to be the standard examination conducted not only for post graduation admissions but also to open the gates for lucrative opportunities in several public sector enterprises and research organizations. Based on the score achieved in GATE, admissions are offered in IITs, IISc, and NITs, and abundant opportunities for campus placements with salary packages ranging from Rs. 6 lakh to 30 lakh. Candidates on qualifying GATE, get a financial aid of 12400/- pm in the form of UGC scholarship.

Students interested in management can swing in the management line by pursuing a PG Diploma of 2 years in Industrial Engineering. Some institutes in India also offer admissions in the post Graduate programmes on the basis of GATE score.

GATE exam is important because of below mentioned factors:

  • M.Tech - Campus placements in National and International private or public companies.
  • Several reputed PSUs and research organizations recruits on basis of GATE Score. i.e. IOCL, NTPC, BHEL, PGCIL, BARC etc.
  • Junior Research Fellow: ISRO, DRDO, BARC, CSIR, IITs etc.
Pattern of Gate Exam - Fully Computer Based Exam (CBT)
Total marks : 100
Number of Questions : 65
Time : 3 hours
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Multiple choice is a form of assessment in which respondents are asked to select the best possible answer (or answers) out of the choices from a list. Each question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all the sections.

Negative Marking
-ive marking
1 mark
1/3 ( 0.33 )
2 mark
2/3 ( 0.66 )
Numerical Answer Question (NAQ)

Numerical questions with units require you to enter both a number and a unit for the answer, for example, 10 inches. The kind of answer that is expected should be clear from the question. There will be no choices available for these types of questions. A Numeric Answer question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all sections. The answer for these questions is a real number, to be entered by using mouse and virtual keypad displayed on the monitor. NO negative marking for these questions.

Negative Marking
-ive marking
1 mark
No negative marking
2 mark
No negative marking

Section and marks wise distribution of the questions as below :

ModuleQuestion noNo. of QuestionMarksTotal Marks
General Aptitude1 to 5515
6 to 105210
Engineering Mathematics
1 to 2525125
26 to 5530260
Syllabus of Gate Exam

The syllabus for each of the papers can be found by clicking on the Branch below. Read the section on Structure of GATE to know what sections appear in each paper.

Gate Cut-off Marks

Every year the number of candidates appearing for GATE exam were getting increased. The GATE Score is very important for the candidates who want to choose the best institutions for their postgraduate courses. The average score of GATE is defined as the cut off mark. This cut off mark calculation is fully depend upon the total number of candidates appearing for the examination. And the cut off mark will vary for different streams according to the applicants applying in the particular stream.

Cut-off Marks for GATE - 2021
StreamStream CodeQualf. marks
( General )
Qualf. marks
( OBC )
Qualf. marks
Civil EngineeringCE29.226.219.4
Computer Science and ITCS26.123.417.4
Electrical EngineeringEE30.327.220.2
Electronics and CommunicationEC25.022.516.6
Mechanical EngineeringME33.029.722.0
Instrumentation EngineeringIN36.032.424.0
Cut-off Marks for GATE - 2020
StreamStream CodeQualf. marks
( General )
Qualf. marks
( OBC )
Qualf. marks
Civil EngineeringCE32.929.621.9
Computer Science and ITCS28.525.619.0
Electrical EngineeringEE33.430.022.2
Electronics and CommunicationEC28.825.919.2
Mechanical EngineeringME34.030.622.6
Instrumentation EngineeringIN34.631.123.0
Cut-off Marks for GATE - 2019
StreamStream CodeQualf. marks
( General )
Qualf. marks
( OBC )
Qualf. marks
Civil EngineeringCE28.225.418.8
Computer Science and ITCS29.526.619.7
Electrical EngineeringEE39.635.626.4
Electronics and CommunicationEC26.724.017.8
Mechanical EngineeringME34.130.722.7
Instrumentation EngineeringIN31.928.721.3
Cut-off Marks for GATE - 2018
StreamStream CodeQualf. marks
( General )
Qualf. marks
( OBC )
Qualf. marks
Civil EngineeringCE26.924.217.9
Computer Science and ITCS2522.516.6
Electrical EngineeringEE29.126.119.4
Electronics and CommunicationEC2522.516.6
Mechanical EngineeringME34.731.223.1
Instrumentation EngineeringIN37.133.324.7
Cut-off Marks for GATE - 2017
StreamStream CodeQualf. marks
( General )
Qualf. marks
( OBC )
Qualf. marks
Civil EngineeringCE28.725.819.1
Computer Science and ITCS2522.516.6
Electrical EngineeringEE25.222.616.7
Electronics and CommunicationEC2522.516.6
Mechanical EngineeringME32.729.421.8
Instrumentation EngineeringIN34.631.123
Gate 2022 Exam Preparation

The number of students applying and appearing the exam is expected to be around 15 lac this eyar. With such fierce completion, you need to epically do well to get the college of your choice. Unlike many other exams for Post Graduation, GATE does not give weightage to your past academic records. You only need a basic minimum score in your records for being eligible. A single paper can change your life and give a great head start to your career.

1. Know all about GATE Exam 2022

You may have only heard of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. But what is this exam exactly about? What is its exam pattern, scoring structure and so on? Click here to know all about the details of GATE 2022 Exam. To enter the battle, you must know about the battlefield. Once you know all about GATE, you must make up your mind on how to start preparing. When to start GATE preparation? NOW! Do not delay even a single day. Start right from today!

2. Analyze your present situation

You might be a student of an engineering college who is currently in his/her final year. You might also be a graduate who is already working in a corporate environment or in any service. If you are a student, the biggest advantage is that you already in tough with studies. GATE exam covers the syllabus of alomsot all of your engineering studies. Do a self analysis of which subjects did you fare best in your college and which are you weak points. This will be useful during your prepation.
If you are already working somewhere, your advantage is better preparation for the interviews that come up after clearing GATE. You need to schedule time for studies between home and work. Prepare a chart and time table. Stick to it. Until you have cleared the exam, there should be least distractions.

3. Use the best GATE Exam Preparation Material

There is a wide range of GATE study material available online as well as offline. Depending upon the GATE paper you will be appearing for, shortlist the best books to study from. We have provided here some excellent GATE Study Material such as Previous Year GATE Questions Papers (Solved) For all subjects. Solve all the papers completely and do self analysis form time to time to be prepared better.

4. Have the correct approach towards GATE exam Preparation

Since childhood you have been repeatedly told to finish the syllabus. The point to be noted here is the scoring high in GATE is not necessarily by that. GATE exam tests you basic understanding of concepts and application in calculations. You must not simply mug up facts and theorems to get good marks. Understand, learn and achieve.
While solving problems, check how many steps are you using to arrive at the solution. Is the calculation too long? Maybe you can do it differently. Balance your speed and accuracy.

5. How much time do you need to prepare well for GATE exam?

Statically speaking, 5 months is the most appropriate duration to prepare for GATE. More is better, but 5 -6 months is just apt for GATE Preparation. It depends largely on individual’s present knowledge and problem solving skills. For some students, GATE exam Preparation can be successfully accomplished in merely 3 months. Do not panic even if you feel you have less time. Start from today, and give it your best shot.

6. Time Management

There is little to be said on this. Einstein and Tesla too had only 24 hours in their days. Look at what they accomplished! Never say that you did not get enough time, or that you cannot find time to study or prepare. Time files equally fast for everyone. It is up to you how you manage it and accomplish great things in life.
Remember that you also need to sleep well and eat well to prepare well. Do not sacrifice your health at the cost of preparation.
Cut down on less important act ivies.
If your friends are going out for a fun activity, you may choose to stay back and study. These months are very crucial for your preparation. Do not give up!

7. Avoid distractions. Say bye - bye to facebook, twitter and all that wastes your time

Technology has its immeasurable advantages, such as you can get excellent study material online. Also all the GATE details are available online.
But if you are using the internet while preparing for GATE to update your status on facebook, your are just wasting time. It will be hard to give up social media addiction, or watching videos on youtube. But it is essential that you utilize every minute of your time in doing something constructive

8. Self analysis is the best analysis for GATE exam

Solve GATE previous years papers. It will help you in following ways.
1. You will now exactly about the GATE exam pattern
2. You can understand what type of questions are asked in GATE exam.
3. You will know which are your strengths and weaknesses in the subject
4. You might have skipped some topics from GATE Syllabus, but by solving the past papers you will now be able to complete the syllabus
5. You will also know about the importance of each topic and how well you can manage speed and accuracy during the paper.

9. Make your own notes for GATE Preparation

During the final days before the exam you can refer to your self written notes. Many GATE Toppers have said that whenever they read a book they used to make their own notes on the topics. While revising for GATE exam, you can refer to these notes. Studying from self written notes is faster, easier and more useful. You cannot revise from a big fat book a few days before the exam.

10. Do not give up!

Many students tend to give up half way through the GATE Preparation. You are definitely not one of them! The exam is tough, but you are tough enough to handle it. If at any point of time you need guidance, just drop us a message and we will help you out. You can ask us anything related to the exam at the discussion forum.

Design of Questions

The questions in a paper may be designed to test the following abilities:
(i) Recall: These are based on facts, principles, formulae or laws of the discipline of the paper. The candidate is expected to be able to obtain the answer either from his/her memory of the subject or at most from a one-line computation.

Q. During machining maximum heat is produced
(A) in flank face
(B) in rake face
(C) in shear zone
(D) due to friction between chip and tool

(ii) Comprehension: These questions will test the candidate’s understanding of the basics of his/her field, by requiring him/her to draw simple conclusions from fundamental ideas.

Q. A DC motor requires a starter in order to
(A) develop a starting torque
(B) compensate for auxiliary field ampere turns
(C) limit armature current at starting
(D) provide regenerative braking

(iii) Application: In these questions, the candidate is expected to apply his/her knowledge either through computation or by logical reasoning.

Q. The sequent depth ratio of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular channel is 16.48. The Froude number at the beginning of the jump is:
(A) 5.0 (B) 8.0 (C) 10.0 (D) 12.0
Examples of each of this design is given in the types of questions above.
The questions based on the above logics may be a mix of single standalone statement/phrase/data type questions, combination of option codes type questions or match items type questions.

(iv) Analysis and Synthesis: In these questions, the candidate is presented with data, diagrams, images etc. that require analysis before a question can be answered. A Synthesis question might require the candidate to compare two or more pieces of information. Questions in this category could, for example, involve candidates in recognising unstated assumptions, or separating useful information from irrelevant information.

Subject wise Analysis

Computer Science and Information Technology ( CS & IT )

CA and
2015Paper11 mark511162124232
2 mark1021244222132
Paper21 mark511162124232
2 mark1021244222132
Paper31 mark511162124232
2 mark1021244222132

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